• Kara Clifford

A Drummers Life

The balance of becoming a daddy and been the Sister Madly Drummer - 1year on Been the drummer you often just sit at the back on stage, but back in October 2016 our drummer Chris became a dad for the first time. He decided for the last 3 months of 2016 he was taking some time out from the band to be there to help an support his wife. However at the end of November 2016 Chris did appear for one gig as his constant drumming on the worktop or the car steering wheel was driving his wife crazy - Chris was clearly missing the kit. Adjusting to life as a parent is crazy in itself but adjusting to one with a busy a gig and rehearsal schedule is a whole new level of crazy let alone working full time too. Chris brought Riley along to his first Sister Madly gig just after Christmas in 2016 at about 9weeks old and for Riley there was no turning back. Riley often attends rehearsal and any gigs in the afternoon to support Chris and the band. He sits banging spoons together or the sticks he has taken out of Chris’ bag and is often seen dancing along - he clearly is a musical little boy. Chris brought his wife and son along to our recording weekend down in Birmingham back in April 2017 as been in a band can be demanding at times. Even though the band is a hobby, it’s more like a family commitment too. Sometimes Sister Madly gig 3 times in a weekend and this means Chris misses out on bed time with Riley, and honestly couldn’t be in the band without the support of his wife.   

His passion for drumming seems to be passing across to his son as Riley likes to pick up the sticks at just 14months old and already has his own little music setup. 

It’s been a busy 2017 for Chris with family and gigs and it’s looking like 2018 will be the same. 


Sister Madly 2017