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Wedding Entertainment

Some might say planning your wedding is one of the most stressful things you will do in your life. People say that moving house, marriage and having a baby are up there on the stress lists (I did all 3 in a matter of months and certain discussions were indeed stressful) You have the choice on the dress, the venue, the food, the entertainment, the guest list - the choices are never ending... Why let the entertainment be a stressful choice? Sister Madly can offer a wide range of packages for you to pick from, you can call it the bronze to platinum package or option 1-5 but why put a label on something that's very much a personal choice? Sister Madly will work with the bride an groom and provide the entertainment they are looking for. So what are the choices..... 

*We offer to learn your first dance song *Play an acoustic set whilst your meal is served *Full band entertainment at night with a wide range of music from the 60s to the current day. *We can act as your DJ too creating playlists for when the band isn't playing (cuts back on double costs) *Do you have a singer in the family or one of your guests want to get up and sing a song that's special to you why not make this happen (with prior notice so we can learn the song if we don't already know it) These are just a few of the options / choices available If your venue has sound restriction monitors don't let this put you off having live music as we can work to this and play acoustic. If you would like more information please contact us, and don't miss out on our amazing offers for weddings in 2018 Love to all planning a wedding Nicola xxx (The drummers wife)  

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