Name: Ian Surgenor

Nickname: Many unprintable ones but mainly Surge

Role In The Band: Piano and MD

Likes: Holidays , Family Time & Beer

Dislikes: Negativity & Pineapples

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: ELO, Eagles & The Beatles

A little bit about Ian: Ian is a self taught pianist who can also play drums and thinks he can sing as well !! Despite the dodgy southern accent he was actually born in York , but grew up in Essex and spent 13 years in the West Midlands . Married to singer Marie and has a daughter, Mollie, who is following in her mum and dad's footsteps and starting to perform.


Name: Chris Stirk

Nickname: Stirky

Role In The Band: Drummer

Likes: Guinness & John Bonham

Dislikes: Spiders & Justin Beiber

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: The Beatles, Paul Weller, Foo Fighters

A little bit about Chris: Loves spending time with his gorgeous little family, became a dad for the first time in October 2016 to a little boy Riley Ian and got married to his best friend Nicola back in 2015. Chris is a bit of a geek on the side as he likes science and astronomy. He once met Prince Andrew, and thought he smelt of biscuits!


Name: Marie Louise Surgenor

Nickname: Mrs S

Role In The Band: Vocals

Likes: Mollie, Christmas, Blue WKD, Theatre, Cinema

Dislikes: January, Marmite.

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: : Marie couldn't pick just 3, she like's so many.....

A little bit about Marie: : Marie is a Wife to Ian (who is also in Sister Madly) and Mum to Mollie. She is a member of Rowntree Players, and has performed in the Pantomime at Joseph Rowntree Theatre for the last 8 years. Marie also serves on the committee as Treasurer. Marie has been involved in amateur theatre in York for around 17 years, performing mainly in musicals.


Name: Joanne Theaker-Spencer

Nickname: Jo

Role In The Band: Vocals

Likes: Singing, watching her son play football, walking her dog - Baz and chilling with her husband.

Dislikes: Grumpy people!

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: Jo loves the singer Eddie Reader, The Beatles, The Carpenters, Oh and Sister Madly of course

A little bit about Joanne: Joanne loves being a lead vocalist in Sister Madly. She has been a professional singer and actress for over 20 years. Working in London and touring the country. Joanne is married to Karl and has a young son who is a football fanatic. She has lived in York over 3 years now and loves it here. Jo has taken part in various projects in and around York including York Swings Against Cancer and shows with York Stage Musicals too.


Name: Sam Johnson

Nickname: Peepers - if it must be!

Role In The Band: Keys 2, Hammond organ and assistant MD

Likes: Jazz, Jokes & Just about anything musical

Dislikes: Broccoli...

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: : Snarky Puppy, Jamie Cullum & McFly (A guilty pleasure)

A little bit about Sam: : Sam moved to York to study music for his Degree and decided to stick around. He has been happily married since 2015 to his Bass playing partner in crime' Georgia. Sam is now a freelance composer, teacher and performer and is the Musical Director of Ian’s York Against Cancer shows which is where they met.


Name: Philip Foschi

Nickname: ‘Pip’ as called by the Guv’nor:  Ian

Role In The Band: Guitarist

Likes: Sex, Spuds and Rock’n’Roll

Dislikes: Beetroot and rude people

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: Too many to mention but certainly The Boss (Bruce Springsteen), Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Who

A little bit about Phil: Phil is just an ordinary family guy who has a passion for listening to music and playing it.


Name: Steve Mosby

Nickname: Mozza

Role In The Band: Guitar

Likes:  Rock N Roll & Football 

Dislikes: Reality TV 

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: Johnny Marr , Brian May , Mark Knopfler 

A little bit about Steve: Steve is music obsessed and Collects vinyls, His claims to fame are playing sessions for Sugababes, Lee Ryan and jammed with Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze and also part of a band with the cast of Emmerdale. He also has an addiction to buying Clothes from Pretty Green.


Name: Gaz McKenzie

Nickname: N/A

Role In The Band: Bass player 

Likes: Climbing mountains, birdwatching, walking, tennis, growing vegetables and singing and dancing in private.

Dislikes: Heights, swallowing tablets, wasp stings, walking into first aid cabinets and falling over.

Top 3 favourite bands / artists: The Tubes, Prefab Sprout Kate Bush, Nik Kershaw and Twelve foot Ninja

A little bit about Gaz: Gaz started playing in bands after his darts career didn't take off. At the tender age of 17 he began working in a Chinese Restaurant playing 6 nights a week. There he got to play alongside guest superstars such as Mike from Mikes carpets. Other claims to fame - he once offered Ghandi a chip...…he declined. Gaz also worked as Van Morrisons sweaty towel man someone had to do it and once met Cannon and Ball.
Other achievements are falling asleep on stage without missing a beat and mistaking outdoor ashtrays at a restaurant as olive dip.

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